Lorgan Bàta nan Salm

The psalmboat community are thrilled to be bringing the project to Tradfest in May 2017, at the invitation of the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

TICKETS: TRADFEST 2017, Bàta nan Salm

Credit Jackie MacArthur_filming Sept 2015

Thig muinntir Bàta nan Salm bho Sgìre Loch Èireasoirt, an Leòdhas a Dhùn Èideann le sgeulachdan, bàrdachd agus guthan eireachdal nan Salm Gàidhlig. Cluinnear mar a bhiodh iad a’ seòladh dhan t-searmoinn, dha banaisean, òrdaighean agus tiodhlaichean thar an locha. Èisd ri ciamar a roghnaich déirdre ní mhathúna, neach-ealain ann an Dùn Èideann , dualchas luachmhar Bàta nan Salm a ghlacadh gu cruthachail.

The Psalmboat community travel from Lewis bringing stories, poetry and the magnificent sound of Gaelic Psalms. Hear about sailing to church services, weddings, communion weekends and funerals, and discover how Edinburgh-based artist déirdre ní mhathúna was inspired to work with islanders to rediscover the cultural riches of the Psalmboats of Loch Erisort.

We are also delighted to have the support of local estate, Soval. The multi-disciplinary community will gather at Old Soval Lodge, Kinloch for a two-week residency in August 2017 from where we will re-envision, re-enact and record the psalmboat journeys of Lochs.

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To round off an important year for the project, Lorgan Bàta nan Salm-Traces of the Psalmboats will visit other communities on Lewis and Harris, when we participate in Luminate – Festival of Creative Ageing. We plan to produce an educational pack and to also visit island schoolchildren, ensuring that the rich traditions we are restoring to living memory can live on in the next generation.

A-mach às na tachartasan uile, gheibhear prògram airson rèidio, pasgan foghlaim, taisbeanadh agus an stuth airson fiolm “documentary”.  From all these events a radio programme, an educational pack and the material for a documentary film will emerge.

VIDEO (2016): A’ sireadh Bàta nan Salm-In search of the psalmboats