aig Sobhail, 21/8 – 02/9

Fàilte chridheil don choimhearsnachd chruthachal a tha air tighinn còmhla son Bàta nan Salm 2017 Residency.  A big welcome to the creative community that has come together for the residency at the original Soval House (HS2 9JR – on a bend on the main road, between turnoffs for Leurbost and Keose).  We will be open to droppers-by from Monday 21st, and you are most welcome to eavesdrop on the AGM that evening. You will be rewarded with home baking and good conversation, and there will surely be a psalm or two sung as well.

We are thrilled that Mairi M Martin will join us to photograph key events during the residency.  Also our good friend Kirsty will be keeping a close eye on practicalities – yes the boring bits like risk assessments, contact numbers, permissions and all that.  Taing mhòr don dithis aca!  We also look forward to inventing some special (weather-dependent) events with Falmadair Trust traditional skippers, sailors and yarnspinners. For taigh-chèilidhs and socials,  bring instruments or a dish or be ready to tell a tale or two. Chì sinn ann sibh!

The programme so far (events in bold confirmed, others, details still TBC):

Diluain 21/08:       7pm, AGM & social, Bàta nan Salm Association

Dimàirt 22/8:         Gathering photos, stories, artwork at the lodge: OPEN DAY

Diciadaoin 23/08:  1pm, COMMUNITY LUNCH & TALK:   Alastair McIntosh, “Poacher’s Pilgrimage and the faith history of Lochs

Diardaoin 24/08: Exploring our archive from previous events.  Supper in Soval House

Dihaoine 25/08:    7pm, TALK and SOCIAL:   Peter Kerr “A personal research journey: my Orinsay ancestors, the Angus Ease accounts of the flitting and their moves to Steinish and Stornoway”.

Disathairne 26/08:   On the loch, daytime.     8pm: TAIGH-CHÈILIDH BÀTA nan SALM. Bean & Fear an Taigh: Maggie Smith and Donald Saunders.  Special guests to be announced very soon!

Diluain 28/08:            Developing the narrative: interviews, visits to sites on the loch. 7pm: TALK/ gathering TBC

Dimàirt 29/08:         2pm:  MurielAnn MacLeod and Bàta nan Salm community working on the stories of the psalmboats.    7pm, TALK: Greta MacKenzie “What Took me on a journey from Keose to Patagonia”

Diciadain 30/08:      Site visits – ? Angus Ease Collection, Garyvard, Kershader.  7pm: TALK/ gathering TBC

Diardaoin 31/08:     Visit Eilean Chaluim Chille, Psalmsinging in landscape. 7pm, TALK: Fr Roddy Johnston  “Early Christianity on Lewis and the Celtic monks’ use of the Psalms in their worship”.

Dihaoine 01/02:      Pick-up for any missed things, FINAL COMMUNITY MEAL,  planning ahead!


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